Technology Services

Our advancements in the fusion of engineering and technology have afforded us the ability to take our expertise to our clients.  From our full featured calculators to simple yet powerful widgets to our participation in the project, Engineering Express is the go-to firm to provide your company with digital tools to make your workday easier.


Using Our Technology to Help You

Visit one of our very useful widgets

An example of one of our mini calculators that makes complex wind pressure questions easy.  We can make one for your company to suit your needs, whether it be for estimating, design, or analysis calculations.


Another of our major accomplishments born from our technology department is the project. Now blossomed into a full, self sustaining corporation, our years of product evaluation research has led to the next generation in building product information.  Check out the site to learn more.

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Recent Technology Services Activity

Custom client calculations made unbelievably easy!

Custom client calculations made unbelievably easy!

Thanks to our Systems Efficiency Manager, Gabriel Saslafsky, we've created a brand-new tool to completely simplify the way ou...

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