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 We’ve fused our engineering and technology to offer our clients
exclusive access to our coveted engineering application services.

Engineering Exxpress Calculator

Engineering Express designed an online tool to easily calculate design pressures for rooftop structures.
Work coincides with their national release of a design manual authored for the Air Heating & Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) released in 2015.

Our in-progress draft of a tool due out soon for the Home Depot

Software designed to provide engineering and sales answers for the pro counter desk at the Home Depot for a major supplier


With thousands of users throughout the country, this no-cost to use online tool provides the quickest answers to convert wind speed to pressure for structures across America.


We take your real world needs and create dynamic software applications to make your tedious jobs easier.

Some of the many applications we’ve created

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Also Visit our Calculator Time Capsule to see some of our archived creations.

Try a live calculator

This tool was created and in use by Stanley Black & Decker in multiple countries & languages.

It was developed by Engineering Express with assistance from Stanley De Walt’s graphics department

The Tablet friendly dials and sliders are live, try it!

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